About Us

Luminance Audio was formed in 2004 by Mike Tseng, Steve Keiser and Rick Schultz.

Steve Keiser

Steve Keiser is the chief engineer and designer at Luminance Audio. He has been in the audio industry since 1981 when he co-founded B & K Components. He was responsible for the design of the legendary ST-140 power amplifier.

Rick Schultz

Rick Schultz is a well known figure in the high end audio industry, having founded multiple companies. His inventions include 'Speed of Light' and 'Magentic Conduction' technology that is now patented and used by many manufacturers.

Mike Tseng

Mike Tseng is the heart and soul of Luminance Audio. He is the proud father of pianist and music educator Cindy Tseng. He has been an audiophile enthusiast for many years and is the main ears behind the Luminance product range.